Joe Krmpotich for Sault Ste. Marie

Joe Krmpotich was born, raised, and educated in Sault Ste. Marie. As a community activist, parent, third generation Steelworker, Ward 6 Councillor, and former Chair of the United Way, Joe believes in the Sault and wants to make sure everyone has the chance to build a great life here.

Unfortunately, too many people are struggling to make ends meet. Hydro costs are sky high, and wages are flat. Sault families deserve better. Stand with Joe and fight for:

• Health care you can count on, better seniors care and public schools that give kids a great start

• Good jobs you can raise a family on and more affordable life

• More opportunities for young people to build a good life

Joe and the New Democrats know we can do better, and they’re ready to do something about it. Sign up today to stay up-to-date on Joe's campaign, and be a part of bringing the Sault a leader who will deliver: